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The late Verner Hornquist family has allowed Shoppe On Main to continue to show and sell some of the last art produced by this master blacksmith. Known for his blacksmith techniques in the horse world, Verner had also made a name for himself in the pieces he hand forged from the iron he used in horse shoeing. Inspired by his livelihood, you will find decorative as well as functional pieces.

To add more blacksmith art to our shop, we have brought in team Josh Burkhart and Shelby Dwyer. We will carry hooks made from horse shoes and rasps, as well as pumpkins, Christmas trees, snowmen and more, all crafted from horse shoes and tools. 

Using flowers, leaves and seeds from the local area, Edie Goodnight creates both battery operated candles and poured solid candles for Shoppe On Main. Each piece is individually crafted by Edie, using mainly beeswax, due to its soft, honey like scent, non toxicity, and long burning time. Edie offers both scented and non-scented candles in a variety of colors and for different seasons. Edie also creates bookmarks with sayings and pressed flowers. 

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Shoppe On Main features several local authors. Ron Mazzarella has written "A Whale In the Canal", a children's book featuring Humphrey, the whale, whose adventures take him from one end of the Erie Canal to the other. David Brown, has written "The Elusive Chauffeur" a murder mystery book, which takes place here in Western New York. Deidre Evans has authored "Patti and Penny's Trip To Paris", a children's book about a little girl's fun in the city of Paris. All these authors hold book signings at the shoppe. Watch our web site for dates and times. We carry several other locally written cook books, as well as two different Chicken Soup For The Soul collections, each with local contributing author, Jan Nichols. Kelly Artieri wrote a personal account of raising a deaf dog in the arms of her family. This book is heartwarming as well as showing the highs and lows of living with a special needs animal. Kelly's book, "A Spot In My Heart" is available at our shoppe. 

Candles, Walking Canes, Block Glass Lights, Polaroid Transfer printsPolaroid transfer prints are a lost art. Time-staking care goes into the production of each of these pictures. Shoppe On Main is fortunate to have local artist, Sally Johnson, bring her prints to our shop. Sally is master of this art form and will teach classes and workshops showing the techniques of Polaroid prints. Sally has added layered acrylics to her portfolio. Done in abstract, each piece is wonderfully unique.

Welcome back, Erica Benton! One of our original artists, Ericka is back to the Shoppe. Ericka designs and hand builds journals for every occassion. Hand bound and individually crafted, each is a work of art. Affordable and practical, these are a gift for anyone. Look for paper craft classes to be given by Ericka during the long winter months. Ericka, also promises us she will bring back her tole painted Christmas ornaments!

Bringing in embroidered towels and linens, is Emily Morrissey. Emily is filling a need we have been looking for: artwork that has local communities remembered on each piece. The towels are perfect gifts for anyone who lived in Newfane and has moved away or for anyone traveling through our town who would like a commemorative piece to bring home. Emily can use this technique to personalize her leather purses and bags she makes for Shoppe On Main. These make for beautiful wedding gifts.  

Anne Putnam is now at Shoppe On Main with our first ever  board game. "Family Vacation" is a game for the whole crew at your home. This game teaches budgets, planning and decision making. On a cold winter night or a summer evening in your back yard when you are looking for that perfect family activity, pull out a board game and enjoy a lively time together. "Family Vacation" is a perfect gift for ages 5 and up.

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